Profile & expertise

AKG Gazbeton is a manufacturer of lightweight, non-combustible and aseismic Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) insulating blocks, Minepor insulating boards, reinforced products, which cover filler blocks, and other innovative solutions. The company has manufacturing plants in Izmir, Kırıkkale and Corlu, in Turkey.

AKG Gazbeton offers the industry standardized innovative solutions from experienced technical staff who employ scientific approaches and utilize cutting-edge technology.  AKG Gazbeton products are used in many prestigious projects in Turkey and around the world.

AKG Gazbeton has a R&D center to make a difference in its industry by embracing continuous development through its products, services and technologies as it works towards its future vision with its patent applications and locally produced technologies. Upon establishing its R&D Center, AKG Gazbeton is developing innovative products including mineral-based next-generation heat insulation board, electromagnetic wave-absorbing AAC block product and wall system designed for seismic safety for construction industry.

AKG Gazbeton R&D Center closely monitors all scientific developments and new technologies through use of its international information sources. The center develops new products and methods by combining its knowledge with 10-years of experience and professional research. AKG Gazbeton R&D Center is also studying on valorization of various waste materials such as slags, fly ash, glass, ceramic, polymer, wood wastes and construction wastes in replace of raw materials used in the production of AAC.  R&D center has capability on producing innovative products with regard to the aim of the projects targeting Energy Efficiency, SPIRE, Societal Challenge (especially raw materials), NMBP and Energy Efficient Buildings calls regarding our fields of studies.

AKG Gazbeton works in collaboration with several stakeholders in commercial and academic area such as reputable universities in Turkey, TUBITAK, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, TTGV and other research, innovation and industrial associations/companies to create new ideas and new projects to develop new technologies in the construction industry. It has completed scores of projects with the support of TUBITAK and other public institutions. It aims to pioneer innovation in the construction materials industry by reducing dependence on foreign resources during technological development.

It has completed scores of projects with the support of TUBITAK and other public institutions. Additionally, AKG Gazbeton has participated in preparation and  management of the several national and international funding projects (TUBITAK, Ministry of Science Industry and Technology, H2020, EUROSTARS, etc.). In H2020, AKG Gazbeton has been involved in two projects: FISSAC & MMATwo. One of them, FISSAC, coordinated by Acciona Infraestructuras (Spain), composed of 26 partners from 9 countries (8 EU Member States and Turkey). The overall objective of FISSAC project is to develop and demonstrate a new paradigm built on an innovative industrial symbiosis model towards a zero waste approach in the resource intensive industries of the construction value chain.

Role in the Project

In MMAtwo, AKG Gazbeton has a role on valorization of the inorganic fractions from PMMA composites and highly filled materials. AKG Gazbeton aims to:

  • Recycle waste glass fiber recovered from end-of-life PMMA waste by manufacturing reinforced AAC composite block at pre-industrial scale,
  • Demonstrate usage of waste glass fiber as an additive on a laboratory scale mold for different reinforced AAC composite block recipe that includes different proportion of glass fiber,
  • Produce new eco-innovative and construction products by using waste glass fiber in reinforced AAC production and eliminate negative environmental aspects of glass fiber production and landfill disposal at end-of-life PMMA,
  • Develop eco-innovative and cost effective reinforced AAC products with improved compressive strength and thermal insulation properties.


Özlem Akdas

+90 232 472 12 00 – 1394


Özlem AKDAŞ is R&D Group Leader in AKG Gazbeton within Research & Development Center. Özlem is responsible for establishing action plans for in-house R&D projects, following-up R&D studies, ensuring the completion of tasks on time, managing and directing the team, ensuring the team to work in cooperation with other departments, managing the technical, financial and administrative tasks and national and international projects. She is also Chemical Engineer from Marmara University in Istanbul, TR (2008) and Turkish Patent & Trademark Attorney, and  performing and reporting patent search (freedom-to-operate) at every stage of projects in R&D center, writing patent application of innovative products and processes, conducting national and international (PCT, EP, EA, etc.) operations of patent applications (preparing respond to examiner opinion, establishing new claims, following-up correspondences, etc.) in AKG Gazbeton.