Profile & expertise

Procoat Tecnologías is a Spanish company with more that 40 years of experience in the development of surface treatments for metal surfaces.

The last Generation in surface treatments developed by Procoat are water based, VOC´s & Cr free solutions and they are all based on acrylic polymers well known around the world under the tradename BRUGAL®.

The different polymers used in our Surface Treatments are fully designed and developed by Procoat depending on each type of application. Our commitment with the environment is very strong and we are willing to develop our current and new technology based on more sustainable raw materials like recycled MMA.

Our Headquarters is located in Barcelona (Spain) and we currently have 3 different subsidiaries in USA (TecCoat LLC), in India (GreenCoat Private Limited LTD) and in Germany (Procoat Deutschland).


Role in the Project

The main contribution of Procoat Tecnologías to the project will be to check and validate if rMMA can be suitable for the development of Surface Treatments in the metal industry.

Our current know-how allows us to modify the polymerization process with rMMA in case that the impurity level affects to our standard polymer formulations.

It is also possible that we could successfully use rMMA with high impurities since we also develop coloured coatings.

A full investigation will be carried out in different formulations polymerized with rMMA and General performance will be evaluated in comparison with standard MMA.


Juanjo Bermejo Abellán

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Juanjo Bermejo Abellán

Having finished his master’s degree in Chemistry at Ramon Llull   University (IQS), Juanjo Bermejo continued his education in the Electrochemistry Department with the development of oxygen sensors for the corrosion control in molten metals (transmutation of Nuclear residues in collaboration with CIEMAT for the TECLA project). After that time he became IQS Chemical Engineer . With this background in corrosion phenomena he finally joined Procoat in 2007 and was responsible for growing the company in Asia and  American markets. After some years in Deutschland for managing and setting up the German Branch of Procoat , he became the Technology Director leading most of the  projects on advanced surface treatments for metal surfaces in the European area.

Joseba Juaristi

A Master’s graduate in Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials from the University of the Basque Country, Joseba Juaristi is a chemist who has vast knowledge and skills in research and development, polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, chemical and reactor engineering and (bio)material science. He has worked for top chemical companies and universities both in Europe and in North America. He researched about cyclic cofactor regeneration and nanoparticle synthesis through plasmon-based photocatalysis at CIC Biomagune. Before that he researched about barrier/fluorinated polymeric coatings, in a joint project between Solvay and the University of the Basque Country. He holds a patent for his work there. Since 2017 he is the Head of Polymer Synthesis at ProCoat where he leads the research, design, synthesis, production and quality assurance of acrylic resins synthesized by emulsion and solution polymerization.

Didier Caneilles

Once graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (France) with a master’s degree in chemistry, Didier Caneilles started his career in the coating industry in the UK developing polymers (acrylic and polyester resins) and coatings for the Marine industry. Didier gathered an extensive working experience in the technical assistance and customer relationships while working in UK and Germany within the automotive industry, lubricants industry and industrial finishes industry. Didier joined ProCoat Deutschland as a Business developer in 2021 where he is now responsible for growing the company and giving technical assistance in Germany, Central Europe and Nordic region.