Profile & expertise

Trinseo is a material solutions company catering to a variety of markets and application spaces. The Trinseo materials portfolio constitutes of various materials such as styrene based polymers such as PS HIPS SAN and ABS, acrylates such as PMMA, polycarbonate and blends, thermoplastic elastomers such as TPE and TPU and downstream material solutions such as sheet and composite solutions. Trinseo has a global footprint in terms of manufacturing locations with a presence in all major regions and operates in all geographies large technology and innovation laboratories to support and advance the material solutions it markets. From a sustainability perspective Trinseo has announced its sustainability ambition in targets and milestones and reports on these through GRI on a yearly basis. Trinseo aims to remain sustainable materials market leader in the durable plastic businesses it supports such as footware, packaging, sheet and film, automotive and consumer electronics.

Role in the Project

Trinseo is member of the MMAtwo consortium through its recent acquisitions,  Altuglas PMMA business and Heathland recycling. Trinseo will be bringing to the project a heritage of strong process technology and material technology expertise towards the success of the MMAtwo project. Trinseo contribution will be focused in providing some feedstocks for depolymerisation into Recycled MMA, providing support for the distillation step and in evaluating the performance of the PMMA based on recycled MMA generated by the consortium in several applications not currently covered by the consortium project and representing large market volumes.


Pascal Lakeman

Global R&D Director for Rigid Plastics

+31 6 42036233


After completing a master’s degree from Eindhoven University of Technology, Pascal joined the Dow Chemical Company in 1999. After a career as Scientist in product and process research in polyolefins, composites, polycarbonate and styrenics a managerial career started in 2014 that culminated into the Global Director role for Rigid Plastics of Trinseo. Trinseo, three ex-Dow business units, that spun off in 2010 from Dow Chemical has since then acquired positions in TPE (API Italy), PMMA (Altuglas), Surfaces (Aristech) and Recycling (Heathland). Pascal is now responsible for the technical advancement of the sustainability strategy on the rigid plastics side with his team focusing on process development and material technologies that center around recycling technologies, using recycled feedstock or recycling of materials from the markets Trinseo serves.