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Ecologic is a French Extended Producer Responsibility scheme accredited by the French government for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE) collection and treatment on the national territory. Invested with a general interest task, Ecologic has contributed to develop a circular economy based on waste prevention and recycling activities with all the stakeholders (producers, retailers, local and national authorities, NGOs, social enterprises, treatment operators, …), since 2006.

Role in the Project

PMMA constitutes about 7% of the weight of LCD screens, this leads to 30 kt of PMMA generated by this waste stream in Europe.  The challenge is both to develop an effective recycling process and to capture the LCD waste stream.  This is the main mission of Producers Responsibility Organisations like Ecologic. In France the rate of return for e-waste is more than 50% and is scheduled to reach 65% by 2019 in conformity with the WEEE directive. Ecologic operates a network of collection and treatment facilities across France.  A key feature of its network is the web platform  The key role of Ecologic in the MMAtwo project is to procure PMMA samples collected from the WEEE stream to test its recycling potential in the proposed technology.


René-Louis Perrier
Tel. +33 6 21 91 07 85

Robin Ronceray

Robin made a master degree in Arts et Métiers, a French engineering school known for its industry-oriented education program. Besides mechanical and electrical engineering, it includes a specific training in products design, production management, and materials. He completed it by an exchange in Istanbul Technical University in environmental engineering that led to an internship in Suez about waste management, still in Istanbul. Back to France, Robin joined Ecologic at a research engineer position. This includes studies on collection systems, WEEE flow analysis, ecodesign, and treatment of equipment or materials with specific stake.

René-Louis Perrier

René-Louis Perrier, President

Bertrand Reygner

Bertrand Reygner, Technical Director

Michel Hardy

Michel Hardy, Operation Director