MMAtwo’s innovative concept for PMMA waste recycling through depolymerization will focus on handling both post-industrial and contaminated end-of-life PMMA waste, thereby converting difficult to recycle waste that would otherwise be landfilled or incinerated into high quality secondary raw material.


The main objectives of the projects are:

  • Construct a new PMMA recycling value chain in Europe, covering the whole value chain of the PMMA lifecycle with both production waste and end of life waste
  • Avoid down-cycling through reactive recycling (depolymerization)
  • Develop an innovative lead-free technology enabling recycling of lower quality waste

Expected Impacts:

  • Increase waste collection (particularly end of life PMMA waste) by boosting public and professionals awareness of PMMA recyclability.
  • Full recycling of PMMA inside Europe including co-products
  • High-end products (high optical properties)
  • Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to virgin monomer supported by preliminary lifecycle analysis.
  • Positive economic business model
  • Positive impact on people through supporting recycling technology
  • Gaining of (academic) knowledge