Profile & expertise

Japan Steel Works Europe GmbH (JSW Europe) located in Dusseldorf, Germany is a subsidiary company of The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. JSW Europe sells Twin Screw Extruder with the optimum solution for customer’s challenging target such as improving quality, increasing throughput, energy saving and so on. We find and provide the solution through the performance trials using Twin Screw Extruder in JSW Europe Extrusion Technical Center.  In order to determine the optimum solution, JSW Europe Extrusion Technical Center dose the discussion with customers to hear their actual issue and pick up the tool of solution from lots of experience.

The parent company “The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW)” was founded by the Japanese government in 1907 as a joint venture among two British firms and one Japanese company.  Through over 110 years, JSW has continued to respond the customer’s needs and develop various technology.  JSW established a local business office in 1969 in order to join the European area business and support the customers in Europe.  The office became a local subsidiary in 2012, then we have expanded our activities in Europe as “Japan Steel Works Europe GmbH” till today.

Role in the Project

JSW Europe provides the core technology of PMMA depolymerization by Twin Screw Extruder which was developed and patented by JSW.  This technology was successfully operated in the past in Japan.  In this project, JSW Europe will conduct PMMA depolymerization trials with collected PMMA scrap based on the own original technology in Extrusion Technical Center and will improve the technology through the trials. Our most important role is to develop the highly efficient technology for PMMA depolymerization.


Jun Kakizaki
Tel. +49 (0)211. 311 666-0

Jun Kakizaki

Jun Kakizaki is an engineer in the polymer processing field. He joined The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. in 1988 and he has been involved a lot of R&D project of soft and hard ware for polymer processing (Reactive processing, compounding, isolation) until now. In 2003, he participated in the project for establishing “JSW Compounding Technical Center” in Indiana and Michigan, U.S. and he belonged to Japan Steel Works America, Inc. until 2009.  After coming back to Japan, he worked as Manager of Extrusion Technical Center in Hiroshima Plant (2009 – 2014) and General Manager of Plastics Machinery department (2014 – 2015).  Since 2016, he is General Manager of JSW Europe Extrusion Technical Center.

Makoto Tojo

Makoto Tojo is Technical Manager of Twin Screw Extrusion process. He started working at JSW in 1998. Since he entered JSW, he belonged to Extrusion Technical Center in Hiroshima Plant and made a lot of trials for considering the extruder specification and making new developments.  He has been active in the various field such as compounding, devolatilizing, dewatering and reactive process and so on. From April 2017, he has been worked as Technical Manager at JSW Europe Extrusion Technical Center.

Hayato Hobo

Hayato Hobo is a sales representative for Twin Screw Extruder for polymer processing. In 2012, he joined JSW and belonged to the Production Control Group in JSW Hiroshima Plant.  From 2013 to May 2016, he worked as a sales person at JSW Tokyo Head Office and he had been involved in various projects.  In June 2016, he became a sales representative of JSW Europe in order to develop new markets and support the customers in Europe.