Profile & expertise

Heathland is a collector and recycler of PMMA waste. Majority of the waste originates from Europe and processing centers are based in the Netherlands and Poland. PMMA is collected, sorted and mechanically recycled into raw materials for different types of acrylic products.

Role in the Project

Heathland is coordinator of the MMAtwo consortium. Its responsibilities include the coordination and management of the MMAtwo project, the presidency of the General Assembly, the collection and pretreatment of PMMA waste, to provide equipment for the depolymerization process and the exploitation of the MMAtwo technology and process in one or more PMMA waste recycling plants.


Simon ven der Heijden

+31 3 07 21 08 90

Simon van der Heijden

Having finished his master’s degree at Tilburg University, Simon van der Heijden co-founded plastic recycling company Heathland B.V. in 2006. He was responsible for managing and growing the company in the Netherlands, leading to the founding of Heathland Chemical B.V., as well as setting up branches in Poland (Heathland Sp. z o.o.) and Hong Kong (Heathland Ltd.). Besides territorial expansion the company grew through vertical integration from international trade into collection, recycling, mechanical processing, extrusion and chemical recycling of plastics into fully recycled raw materials, making closed-loop processes possible.

Nikolaj Garnitsch

Co-founder and co-owner of Heathland Recycling in 2006. With subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Poland and China, the business is challenging. Nikolaj was born in Russia, lived in Germany and now lives in the Netherlands. Combined with his educational background (International Economics and Finance), he was able to work in different countries on different projects overseeing the big picture and the long-term planning. In the last 3 years, Nikolaj has dedicated a lot of time to compounding business, producing near-virgin quality reprocessed pellets for the electronic and automotive industries. This has resulted in extensive knowledge on extrusion and injection technologies. Other skills include general management, human resource management and accounting.