You will find below key information regarding the PMMA market and its evolution in the context of the Covid-19 sanitary crisis.


Europe MMA prices rebound after 27 months of declines, Author: Katherine Sale, August 2020


Europe MMA June contract targets diverge after 26-monthly drops, Author: Katherine Sale, 19/06/2020


Coronavirus pandemic creates new application for PMMA sheet market, Author: Katherine Sale, 08/05/2020


Europe MMA Q2 contract talks stall amid coronavirus difficulties, Author: ICIS Editorial, 01/05/2020


Historically high PMMA sheet demand to continue in the battle against Covid-19, Author: Katherine Sale, 01/05/2020


Plexiglass Is Having a MomentAuthor: Amelia Tait, 30/04/2020


Italy postpones €450/tonne tax on virgin plastic until 2021, Author: Matt Tudball, 29/04/2020



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