Profile & expertise

Delta Srl, commercially known as Telma, was founded in 1997. The company produces built-in kitchen sinks of acrylic composite material, which commercialises along with other complementary products like taps, hobs, cooker hoods and ovens, all designed in matching colours as to form a perfect suite. Delta is part of the Plados-Telma group, a family of horizontally integrated companies.

Overall, the Plados-Telma operates in about 40 countries, holding a 10% market share globally, which reaches up to 30% in Italy. Its headquarter is located in Montecassiano (MC), where production of composite sinks (moulding, finishing, packaging) is carried out. R&D department and laboratories are instead located in the nearby Montelupone (MC), where the production of dispersions is performed.

Delta has specialized in compound material production used for kitchen sinks production, basins, counter tops, baths, and considering its strong R&D vocation, the company has recently applied with success to be formally recognized as Innovative SME under the Italian law.

Delta has 2 production plants, one located in Montecassiano, where the acrylic sinks end-products are manufactured, and one in Montelupone, where the laboratory and raw material production plant are located.

The production plant is equipped with a highly automated dosing system for raw materials that allows to have a considerably faster and simplified production process compared to the traditional method. The operator can organize production through a software that will send commands to the system, where he can also check the progress of the process.

The laboratory is also equipped with state-of-the-art equipments, allowing to perform a wide gamma of chemical, physical and mechanical tests and analysis to verify the quality of the products and their compliance with internationals norms and standards. Besides supporting the internal needs of the production and R&D departments, Delta’s laboratory also performs tests and analysis on demand, when requested by external partnering entities

The guiding vision of DELTA is to improve people’s everyday life and to do it through responsible innovation. This involves a long-term commitment for sustainability and a positive overall impact on humans and the environment. To achieve this goal, we are strongly committed to propose innovative solutions, designed to become reference points in terms of quality, aesthetic appeal, functionality and reduced footprint. To translate into concrete action the corporate social and environmental responsibility policy, we promote with great emphasis R&D activities aimed to deliver eco-friendly and green products, allowing for substantial savings of water, energy and natural resources. This environmental strategy is expressed in every stage of life of our products, from cradle to grave, including ideation, raw materials supply, production, distribution, sales and use, until the end of the life cycle, when the item becomes waste and must be disposed of or recycled. This vision led Delta to develop a sound expertise and background in the creation, development and manufacturing of “green sinks”, today resulted in the substitution of organic raw materials on the entire gamma and the first launch of products in which also the inorganic mineral filler is replaced by recycled materials. The idea lying at the base of the current project is to enrich our catalogue with new “clean” features, impacting on the environmental benefits during sink use, and to purify the workers environment.

Role in the Project

Plados Delta will have the role of end user of the raw materials that will be recovered by the consortium. These raw materials will be used individually for the production of kitchen sinks, in bulk or as an external reinforcement. The goal will be to reuse the greatest amount of recovered raw material while maintaining the high level characteristics of the sinks.



Savina Pianesi



Maria Savina Pianesi (F), R&D Manager, senior

Dr. Pianesi owns a huge experience in R&TD management. Graduated in Chemistry, PhD in Chemical Science, between 1995-1997 she is responsible for scientific equipment merchandising at “Carlo Erba” S.p.a; in the years 1997 -2004 she is responsible for Safety and Prevention Service within Telma S.r.l.; from 2004 to 2010 she works at Teuco Guzzini Spa as Responsible of the laboratory and R&D activities. Since 2010 she holds the same position within Delta s.r.l. Since 2005 she also teaches “Polymers technology within the master course “Innovation Technology” at the University of Camerino. She has collaborated in the draft of 5 patents and is titular of 3.

Samuele Rossini, Head of Raw Material Production

Samuele Rossini graduates in 1994 as Industrial Chemical at the Technical Institute of Recanati E. Fermi. He begin his work experience on acrylic dispersions in 1998 in Telma Srl, as lab technician. From 2004 to 2006 he works in Teuco in the field of Quality Assurance, then he returns to laboratory and research duties, continuing to develop his knowledge about acrylic dispersions and molding tools. He also holds Specific skills of chemical engineering and design of industrial facilities related to the production of raw materials. Since 2010 he works at Delta Srl as Head of Raw Material Production. From 2010 to 2014 he led the design and construction of the largest industrial plant in Europe for production of acrylic dispersions. He worked for 4 patents and holds 3 patents.

Daniele Latino, Lab technician

Diploma of upper secondary school in Chemistry of Istituto Industriale E. Divini Camerino in 1999 graduated in Chemical Science at the University of the Study of Camerino in 2008 with full marks and honours. It has excellent experience of laboratory analysis, synthesis and research and development activities

Cristiana Zepponi, Lab technician

Graduated in 2005 at Scientific High School “L.Da Vinci”, Civitanova Marche. Gratuated in 2009 in Physic Science of “Innovation Technology” at the University of the Study of Camerino. She has excellent experience of laboratory analysis, quality check, research and development activities, lead pilot tests at the molding.

Filippo Tosi, Chemist

Tosi graduated in 1995 the upper secondary school in Chemistry at Istituto Industriale E”. Mattei” in Recanati. He is employed as mold operator in Delta-Telma since 1998. He has more than twenty-year of experience in the preparations of dispersions and monitoring of the chemicals, physical and mechanical proprieties.

Giuliano Medei, Molding Operator

Graduated in Scientific High School in 1983, employed as mould operator in Plados since 1997 and in Delta from September 2008. He has twenty-year of experience in molding of dispersions, monitoring of the polymerization cycles, molds pressure and temperature. He also holds specific personnel management and organizational skills acquired in the framework of regional and European projects. Within LIFE Green Sinks he also gained experience in moulding of innovative materials.