Profile & expertise

Process Design Center (PDC) is a technology & service provider in process development, integration, intensification and optimization.

Developing or improving circular processes is a challenging and important task, which has a crucial impact on the final plant design and cost. Process Design Center has proven that by application of PROSYN® and other structured tools & methods it is possible to realize cost and energy savings up to 20 – 50%!

Role in the Project

PDC will develop the conceptual process design and perform the techno-economic evaluation in the MMAtwo project.


Hans Keuken

Education : Master degree “Extractive Metallurgy & Mineral Processing”, Technical University Delft

Hans Keuken is the founder, owner and managing director Keuken & de Koning, process engineers & consultants  (1987) and Process Design Center (1999). Over the past 30 years Hans set up more than 500 projects to improve & innovate industrial production processes. As entrepreneur Hans is also involved in several startups and has a strong international network in both industry and academia.

Marek Blahušiak

Education : PhD. + MSc. Chemical Engineering – University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

Marek Blahušiak joined PDC in 2018 and has been involved in process efficiency auditing for 6 years and has been a post-doc researcher at Twente University for 2 years. Marek has passion for thermodynamics, separation processes, process energetics and efficiency.